Preferable over the others: Blue Nile™ has an Online variety of Exquisite Engagement Rings & jewellery

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The Quick Version: Picking out an engagement ring is a weighty task, however some cutting-edge resources will consumers set things right the first time. Blue Nile, society’s biggest online store of diamonds, features helped in more than 500,000 relationship proposals since 1999. Their particular diamond collection and educational material cater to novice shoppers seeking impress their particular significant others with sparkly pieces of jewelry. Blue Nile assurances top quality workmanship within supply of over 150,000 diamonds alongside gemstones. You are able to build your own ring employing their interactive methods to search for the slice, color, understanding, concept, setting, and cost you wish. On the next occasion you are considering proposing or giving a romantic gift to special someone, you can easily browse Blue Nile for stunning precious jewelry at an affordable price.


In 1998, Mark Vadon was on an objective to find the perfect gemstone for their girlfriend — the only problem ended up being the guy failed to know anything about diamonds. He went into a jewelry shop and soon found themselves experiencing suspicious about the employees people in addition to their blasé advice. The guy stated two rings that seemed just like him and questioned why there was clearly a $5,000 rate difference in all of them.

Product sales clerk beamed and stated just what mattered more than the purchase price was actually the way the ring made him feel. To Mark’s logical head, it was ludicrous. He went out from the shop empty-handed and exasperated, but he had been additionally determined for more information on engagement bands so the guy could realize precisely what he had been buying.

Mark, a Stanford-educated numbers cruncher, contacted his ring-buying decision while he would a study project and went on the internet to get all of the facts. The guy discovered a niche site known as Web Diamonds, a retailer that offered useful explanations and led lessons about expensive diamonds to supplement their own precious jewelry collection.

As a result of this reference, Mark believed confident when buying a highly skilled ring online — for thousands not as much as the rings he had seen in the shop.

He had been so used through this consumer-friendly knowledge he had gotten in touch with the site’s holder, Doug Williams, to talk about purchasing the business. They received right up terms on a napkin over lunch. By spring of 1999, Mark had increased above $6 million, sufficient to take-over Internet Diamonds, that he renamed Blue Nile. Nowadays, the web site will be the largest web store of qualified expensive diamonds and superb, however they nonetheless prioritize consumer training above all else.

“Education is the anchor of our business,” commented Josh Holland, Director of Brand Enjoy. “We have a customers-first mentality.”

If you like it and would like to put a band onto it, you can trust Blue Nile to help make the process much simpler by providing obvious details, qualified advice, and tens of thousands of independently-graded expensive diamonds. Website’s ample sources go consumers through the crucial features of a diamond and provide easy-to-use resources to narrow down your pursuit for a wonderful little bit of precious jewelry.

“We make an effort to guide visitors to improve greatest buy you heard that right on their behalf,” Josh informed us. “We help consumers find the right mixture of characteristics to increase their spending budget acquire  a beautiful diamond.”

Over 150,000 Diamonds personalized to Your resources & Taste

Any remarkable proposal starts with the diamond. You cannot get down on one knee with any outdated ring-in the hand. With a stock greater than 150,000 expensive diamonds, Blue Nile offers consumers no end of engaging alternatives. Per Josh, about 70percent of Blue Nile’s revenue originates from wedding rings.

The web site enables couples to produce unique rings from choosing the diamond to selecting the environment. Initial, you’ll use straightforward slider resources to pick the ideal form, rate, carat, cut, color, and clearness of one’s diamond. After that, you’ll pick a setting, sorting by tone, price, style, or designer, to offset the diamond. On Blue Nile, required moments to construct a unique design.

Whether you’re enamored of the sheen of platnium or attracted to platinum’s toughness, Blue Nile will allow you to restrict thousands of solutions into one personalized ring.

Acquiring involved is a once-in-a-lifetime types of event, so a lot of people getting wedding rings are novices, not sure of whatever’re looking for and modern to ring buying. Blue Nile’s group comes with the experience to show first-timers what are the band that fits perfectly.

Obtainable, clear, and useful, this jewelry merchant doesn’t force clients into getting everything outside their unique ways. Because Blue Nile runs as an online store, they usually have notably much less cost and will supply quality expensive diamonds at a portion of the price tag you’d see in a traditional jewellery store.

In addition to an independently-graded GIA report, loads of item images show on line customers exactly what their own precious jewelry can look like out of each and every feasible position. Plus, the website offers a 360-degree movie view of any diamond via the Diamond Visualization appliance. Utilizing advanced technologies, Blue Nile magnifies the diamond and rotates the picture so customers can easily see every detail.

“you can get a holistic sense of what the diamond appears like, additionally the aesthetic is actually stunning,” Josh informed united states. “since it is thus magnified it’s actually even better than keeping it in your hand.”

Skilled Jewelers coach you on wise Ring-Buying Practices

The degree part on Blue Nile’s site encourages one to come to be specialized in diamonds. Their unique detailed precious jewelry instructions cover many techniques from finding your (or your partner’s) ring dimensions to picking out the diamond faculties important for your requirements. You can discover a lot more about metals, gems, pearls, marriage rings, alongside jewellery besides.

“actually just a little bit of research may go a long way,” Josh mentioned. By comprehending what makes a diamond pretty much costly, buyers can prioritize what they want within precious jewelry and spend less through smarter purchasing.

“My fiancé and I performed lots of research, and it all paid off when we watched the band. Blue Nile is really great!” — Manjari, a satisfied buyer from Irving, Tx

Blue Nile provides comprehensive sources so first-timers make aware decisions about their diamond’s carat, understanding, shade, and various other facets. The specialist team doesn’t work on percentage and genuinely aims to support complimentary purchasing guidelines. In relation to diamond carat body weight, as an example, their professionals suggest “to maximise your finances, consider purchasing a diamond that is a little below your ideal carat weight.”

Downline at all degrees of the organization usually get your own fascination with clients. “Certainly the best stories,” Josh told all of us, “is our jewelers write-down the name of this customer on the ring they can be dealing with so it’s not simply a ring in their eyes.”

Every Policy & warranty places the consumer’s requirements First

Oftentimes, buying a diamond indicates making a lifelong commitment, so it is important to select a honest retailer to be sure the right fit. Blue Nile guarantees satisfaction through lots of customer-first plans. For instance, the business can make a 30-day money back promise on returns for several their particular jewellery.

“Quality and craftsmanship is key to united states,” Josh mentioned. “We ensure that the band is precisely great before it goes out the doorway, so we support that actually work with a no-questions-asked return plan.”

Blue Nile supplies complimentary resizings and cleanings through the first year after purchasing a tailored engagement ring. Plus, customers enjoy a very long time diamond improvement program should they ever before wish change their unique diamond with a more recent, costly diamond.

If you would like actually see Blue Nile’s jewelry for your self, you will find a webroom area in your area. To get nationally, customers can check with knowledgeable jewelers and in actual fact deal with Blue Nile’s precious jewelry. The webroom’s jewellery is actually for display only, but you are able to their own apple ipad to position an order, if you want. Blue Nile’s bodily places tend to be a no-pressure environment in which browsers are welcome to evaluate and feel their own jewellery.

“Absolutely hardly any risk,” Josh demonstrated. “we realize the intrinsic property value what all of our precious jewelry can indicate to a person, and that is a responsibility we grab exceptionally honestly.”

Unlike most jewellery retailers, Blue Nile promotes evaluation purchasing. In reality, they suggest opening their internet site on your own mobile device whilst in a jewelry store to help you perform a side-by-side assessment of prices immediately. This empowers you to get ideal offer in-store and online.

According to Blue Nile’s Price complement warranty, “if you will find an equivalent GIA-graded diamond at a diminished rate,” they’ll match the purchase price. Just phone 1-888-565-7641 which will make your own claim 100% free. With uncompromising craftsmanship and unbeatable rates, Blue Nile assures satisfaction on every purchase.

Blue Nile: working out for you discover the Diamond inside the Rough

We’ve all heard diamonds tend to be a girl’s best friend, but, regarding you fellas out there, diamonds could possibly be the pal, as well, invest the committed to know why is them glow. Blue Nile Founder Mark Vadon found out firsthand exactly how intimidating it may be to pick out an engagement ring. So, he demonstrated a less complicated method to educate public about diamond rates, and from now on you can get your chosen band online for a portion of the price tag.

Made to final, Blue Nile offers not too expensive and strikingly stunning diamonds in many different tones, slices, and designs. From unique wedding rings to elegant valentine’s pendants, their comprehensive number of jewellery includes price your special times.

Blue Nile backs the caliber of their particular diamonds with customer-first guidelines and higher level customized methods. If you want to show anyone you love how much he ways to you, buying a diamond, pearl, or gem can work. Making use of Blue Nile’s buying tips, interested couples can learn how to spend less on their own wedding or wedding rings so that they have significantly more to blow from the vacation!

“you can acquire a band in a very modern method through Blue Nile. You don’t have to do so the outdated method any longer,” Josh said. “we need to instruct men and women to buy like specialists, utilizing our very own tips to have the price they need without compromising quality.”

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